FYFxLOMO is an adventure in analog.

With cameras and film donated by Lomography, we set out to put analog film cameras in the hands of musicians, photographers, and fans at the 2010 FYF Fest to capture the festival from a unseen perspective.

The inherently playful nature of the cameras and the aggressively independent, DIY roots of the L.A. festival couldn't have been a more perfect match.

You are invited to explore FYFxLOMO and enjoy the amazing colors, moments, and perspectives it embodies.

– Benjamin Hoste, Project Director

FYFxLOMO Mixtape


A smattering of music from FYFxLOMO affiliated artists, including tracks from The Soft Pack, The Growlers, !!!, Washed Out, School of Seven Bells, Woah Hunx, and more.

Stream the mixtape below as you explore FYFxLOMO online, or download it and enjoy a multimedia experience that includes dynamically changing album artwork as the mixtape plays in iTunes or on your iPod or iPhone.

Project Trailer